Hiking is a very common summer sport around Lake Garda. On the eastern shore (the Veronese side of the lake), the Monte Baldo and the Lessinia Regional Park are the two most important starting points for anyone interested in walking with a unique landscape around them, from beginners to experts.

The trails that wind their way around the Monte Baldo reach an altitude of 2200 meters (Cima Telegrafo) and are accessible from Malcesine by cable car. Between 1400 and 1700 meters there are malghe or mountain huts for high pasture, where mountain cheese is made. More and more people are rediscovering this tradition today, and Slowfood is safeguarding it.

trekking 2

Further east, the Natural Regional Park of Lessinia covers a wider area. A program called ‘Camminaparco’ organizes guided treks to discover the wildlife of the plateau.

Other hiking paths crisscross the eastern side of Lake Garda, it’s just a matter of choosing whether you want to set out and explore ancient rock carvings or fossils and ‘listen’ to the geological story told by the land, or whether you’d rather trace Napoleon’s footsteps around Caprino Veronese. Whichever you choose, what stands out during a hiking trip around the Garda shores is the combination of different landscapes: here, the Alps and the Mediterranean seem to come together.


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