The “PELÈR” blows from North during the first twelve hours of the day, involving a large part of the Garda Lake. It usually starts blowing from 2 or 3 am until 11 or 12 am. First it affects the northern and central part of the lake, afterwards the entire surface till sunset time. It is a strong wind that forms waves and increase its intensity during the summer. This wind can reach the speed of 13 m/s, and even more!

The wind “ORA” blows from South. It’s well known within surfers and sailors from all over the world. It usually starts blowing around 12/ 1 pm until sunset. The Ora achieves its maximum intensity in Malcesine Garda lake thanks to the geographic conformation of the territory which causes the Venturi effect. This particular condition guarantees an higher wind’s speed, and perfect condition for kitesurfing.



If you are looking for a place to learn how to kite the kitecentergardalake in Malcesine is the place that fits you. Our lessons offer everything a beginner needs; equipment, detailed explanation and a reliable help from our staff. Also the perfect conditions that the Garda Lake offers will help you! Believe me or not you will be able to kite after a few lessons.

The wind blesses us all year long. We do kitesurf 12 months per year in the GARDA LAKE. If you have the proper gear you can kitesurf all year long. However the best conditions for kiteboarding or kitesurfing at the GARDA LAKE are FROM MARCH till NOVEMBER.



Game for a little exploration? Then grab a bike (child seats are available for little ones) and hit the trails (US$ 6 per hour). This is, after all, a secluded island getaway, and there are miles of empty shoreline and tropical forest to explore.

If you prefer the water, check out the Walking and Kayak Nature Adventure ($60). Participants walk with a guide through the island’s lush fauna and kayak through an ecologically sensitive mangrove environment. If paddling wears you out, just jump in for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear island waters.



if you are not ready to start surfing from the beach yet

if the wind on the beach is weather too light or gusty

if the beach is too crowded

if you want to surf free without many people around



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