Lake Garda offers a wide range of activities for sport lovers and water friendly people. The lake is an ideal place to practice water sports as for example windsurfing, sail boating and canoeing, motor boating, fishing and diving.Boat renting in Lake Garda,

Live Lake Garda at its best: form April to October it is possible to find many clubs, which offer the chance to rent boats and yachts without owning a nautical driving licence. You can rent your boat for a couple of hours as well as for the whole day. This service will allow you to visit comfortably all the 25 localities of Lake Garda and the small island Garda without moving too far. Moreover, you will admire the spectacular tricks performed by windsurfers and sailors training on the water surface.

Boat rentals offer an entire modern fleet, with boats, yachts and many other additional services. Professional boat rentals work hardly every day in order to satisfy the guests’ requests in every moment, so that your boat trip will become an unforgettable experience. Boats are daily cleaned, refuelled and prepared for navigation.

Imagine relaxing hours on board and enjoy the indescribable tales of Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy.
I suppose I should have realised the Lake Garda trip would be different when the tour guide emailed, telling me to bring a swimsuit, shorts, trainers, walking boots and a backpack.

“Boat renting in Lake Garda”

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